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Don’t Sweat it. Stopping Pipe Condensation this Summer


Summer brings warm weather along with barbeques, beach trips, and ample opportunity for outdoor activities.  One minor drawback caused by the warmer conditions is pipe condensation.  Moisture appears on the surfaces of pipes or toilets for the same reason it appears on the outside of a cold drink: the cool pipe does not “sweat,” but instead provides a perfect place for moisture from humid air to condense.  Although harmless in many cases, condensation can result in puddles of water, property damage, and a less-than-ideal appearance.

Solutions come in several shapes and sizes, though some require large modifications.  Decreasing moisture levels in the air can eliminate condensation, but you’ll need either a dehumidifier or air conditioner.  Increasing the water temperature beneath the condensation surface can do the same thing, but heated toilet water wastes energy and heating cold water takes away one opportunity to refresh yourself when you sweat.  In most instances, insulation provides the most practical fix for pipes. carries K-Flex Insul-Lock Pipe Insulation with pre-slit adhesive seams for easy insulation.  Any type of properly-sized pipe insulation will shield pipe surfaces from humid air and stop condensation in its tracks.

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