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Diablo Tools are Red-dy for Your Business

Rosie is now introducing Diablo Tools, a brand that specializes in reciprocating blades, hole saws, circular saw blades, and cut off/grinding wheels.  These products are offered with carbide, bi-metal, and diamond blades, each offering its own set of benefits.  The two central characteristics of Diablo tools, besides their signature red color, are durability and quality finish.  Diablo produces its own carbide blend, that enables it to provide the most advanced designs to specific applications for the highest quality outcome, as well as maximize the cutting life by 50x of each of its products.


Diablo’s reciprocating blades come in a variety of types, including bi-metal blades, carbide tipped blades, solid carbide blades, and diamond grit blades.  In the carbide blades, the Diablo-designed carbide blend creates a barrier for heat resistance and an enhanced carbide tip to blade connection for impact resistance, providing maximum endurance.


Diablo is the first to introduce carbide-tipped hole saws to the market for a variety of applications.  Additionally, they are simple to use – the tool-free plug ejection feature provides for easier and faster material removal, as well as relief from the hassle of carrying supplementary tools.  Additionally, Diablo’s hole saw system and mandrel design simplify the attachment method for more efficient hole saw mounting.  Conveniently, the one-size-fits-all mandrel fits all the Diablo hole saws.  Lastly, the 60mm cutting depth provides 40x deeper holes in one pass than the average hole saw, which maximizes productivity.


Diablo’s metal cut off wheels are made with an aluminum oxide blend that cuts through material faster and has a prolonged cutting life.  The diamond-rimmed cut off wheels have an advanced electro-plating process that distributes the diamonds evenly along the abrasive edge, providing a cleaner cut, even in extreme application.


Diablo’s grinding discs feature a premium zirconium grain blend for up to 10x faster material removal when compared to standard grinding wheels.  The flap discs’ design offers flexibility and a cushioned grinding effect, and maximize efficiency by simultaneously grinding and polishing.


Diablo’s circular saw blades are made with Freud’s TiCo Hi-density Carbide for maximum durability, and also feature a Perma-Shield non-stick coating.  The coating minimizes friction, which means less heat buildup, which ultimately means a longer cutting life.  There are a range of different blades for different applications, including metal, non-ferrous metal, plastic, and wood.  Each blade offers the highest quality finish and maximum durability in its application-fitting features.


The scope of variety in Diablo’s products is an added benefit to their quality and durability.  It’ll be simple to find the exact blade you need for your project.  Check out all Diablo Tools here.


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