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DeWalt vs. Milwaukee

Nick B

DeWalt vs. Milwaukee.  Team Red or Team Yellow.  A debate as old as time (or at least as long as power tools have been around.)  Which brand is better?  Which brand is tougher?  Which brand could beat the other brand in a fight.  I’m sure you’ve at least seen this debate before and I want to give you some ammo for the next time.  This video pits the two brands head to head in a test of strength.  There’s smoke, there’s smashed fingers, and most importantly, there’s a winner.  Who is it?  I’ll let you find out for yourself!  Skip to 7:18 to go straight to the action.


Did that go as expected?  Are you proud of being on Team Red from the start or was this test unfair and DeWalt is still better?  Regardless, when you are looking to get your Milwaukee fix, be sure to check out our selection at  And no matter what tools you use, when you are looking for any plumbing, heating, or HVAC products, is the place for you.


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