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Custom Baseboard Colors

Tom offers four primary options for baseboard heaters and enclosures: Slant/Fin and Runtal baseboards (primarily for hydronic systems), QMark electric baseboards, and Baseboarders universal replacement covers. All four brands come in white, but there are options for changing the colors of each of them to match the design of a room.

Slant/Fin residential baseboards feature a nu-white finish, but they can be spray-painted in the color of your choice. The manufacturer recommends the Rust-Oleum brand of spray paint. Baseboarders covers have a semi-gloss white powder-coated finish by default, but can also be spray painted. QMark covers can be painted with high-quality enamel paints. The manufacturer recommends roughing up the exterior with steel wool prior to painting and being careful not to allow paint on the inside of the heater. Only Runtal radiators can be made-to-order in custom colors. Find the list of available custom colors on Runtal’s website and contact SupplyHouse to order the baseboard you need in the color of your choice.

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