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Cross Manifolds Are Completely Clever

Eli K

Welcome the wise manifold.  We now carry an innovative line of intelligent manifolds that provide smart solutions for both radiant and hydronic systems.  Cross Manifolds come as complete systems and include a manifold, 1” NPT ball valves, temperature gauges, bleed valves, ½” universal PEX fittings, a power supply, and a revolutionary intelligent control.  The systems even arrives with a Zone Index to label your rooms.


Cross Manifolds may be super smart, but they’re also super simple to install.  No special knowledge is required; they come ready-to-install and feature plug & play installation.  All you have to do is attach the tubing and connect the intelligent control.


The installation applications are plentiful.  Cross Manifolds can be used in radiant heat, radiators, Ultra-Fin Radiant Systems, and even radiator + Ultra-Fin Radiant Systems.


The Cross Manifolds offer total zoning flexibility with full flow valves and no water temperature limitations.  Connecting multiple zones using a single thermostat is a breeze.  Oh, and you can forget about ever having to change another zone valve motor or actuator.  Nice.


The design is sharp, too.  The manifolds are constructed with sleek 304 stainless steel bodies and are environmentally friendly.  Electricity is only used for the few seconds when the systems open and close valves.


We carry Cross Manifolds in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 loop variations.  We also carry optional accessories including PEX and ProPress manifold fittings of various sizes, a 24V relay, and a Cross Balancing Valve & Flow Meter.  You can find all of those here


Want to learn more?  Click here to see two of their videos that give more information about about their Cross Manifolds.  When you need any heating, plumbing, or HVAC products be sure to visit us at  With over 90,000 different items, fast shipping, and industry low prices we have what you need.



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2 Responses to Cross Manifolds Are Completely Clever

  1. Benjamin Keggereis says:

    These manifolds look amazing. I’m assuming it needs to be installed indoors. I was planning to install my manifold underneath the house, might have to make some room inside somewhere. I can’t figure out a good way to run all the pipes from inside my house to underneath and need 6 zones that would be 12 pipes running through the floor. Any suggestions?

    • Nick B says:

      Hi Benjamin,

      We recommend you keep this unit indoors, specifically due to the electrical component. As far as your installation, it’s going to come down to careful planning. Their website might be able to help you out with specific questions:

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