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Core Values Weeks: Ohio Helps Out, Gets Loose, and Eats Well

Nick B


The Ohio team kicked off their core values weeks by practicing their humility and volunteering at the Open Door Art Studio, an organization dedicated to helping artists with disabilities express themselves.  They took care of several nagging maintenance projects around the facility that the staff was unable to find the time to get to.  The next week they stretched out with some yoga and expanded their Flexibility.  (This may be a recurring theme with our other locations, sorry to spoil future blog posts.)  When it came time for Open-Mindedness they decided on hosting an international pot luck.  Each person randomly selected a country and then created a recipe from that country’s culture.  A challenging, but tasty task for everyone involved!  Who knows what the next few weeks have in store for the Ohio team?  Well, probably the people planning the events…




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Our Core Values are what have steered our company forward from the very start.  We hold these tenets to great importance here, so much so that every year we take time to explore and celebrate each one individually.  This results in a company focused on success and a happy team of employees powering that company.  See these results for yourself at  When it comes to plumbing, heating, and HVAC products there’s no better place.

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Stay tuned for more blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday!

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