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Core Values Weeks: New Jersey, Ohio, and New York Finish Strong

Nick B

The Core Values Weeks have come to a close.  All the locations participated through various surprising events.  First things first, everyone did yoga.  Tie-dye, themed dress up days, and escape rooms were also popular.  That being said, there were many unique activities across the company.  Here are the highlights from the second half of Core Values Weeks.  New Jersey volunteered helping the elderly at a retirement home, ran a food drive, and performed random acts of kindness by paying for people’s food.  They ran skill shares which included lessons on the ukulele, Arabic, special effect make up, and kinectic origami.  Ohio also put hosted skill shares on topics like how to crack an egg with one hand, how to juggle, Spanish phrases, and how to escape when your wrists are duct taped together.  They also split into teams and decorated the walls of their game room with themed murals.  New York took a class on line dancing, designed t-shirts, held a potluck, and had the captains, HR, and Josh and Nando cook breakfast.  It’s been an eventful handful of weeks for sure, and we are all looking forward to next year.  Who knows what is in store for us?


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