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Core Values Weeks: New Jersey Gets in the Spirit of Things

Nick B

The New Jersey team has taken on a whole array of activities to celebrate our company’s core values.  Exhibiting their ability to Innovate, they came up with ideas to improve their lounge, settling on some really cool and useful ideas.  Coincidentally, they took a trip to an escape room for their Teamwork Week just like Israel.  Working together to solve a room-sized puzzle they tried their best to get out in the time allotted.  Showing their Positive Attitude, the team participated in a spirit week.  This included a theme/dress up day for their favorite characters, crazy sock day, twin day, SupplyHouse gear day, and the classic tie dye day.  Finally for their Open-Mindedness activity they all participated in a guided meditation session.  Keep an eye out to see what New Jersey does next!



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Our Core Values are what have driven our company forward from the very beginning.  We hold them to great importance here, so much so that every year we take time to explore and celebrate each one individually.  This results in a company focused on success and a happy team of employees powering that company.  See these results for yourself at  When it comes to plumbing, heating, and HVAC products there’s no better place.

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Stay tuned for more blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday!

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