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Core Values Weeks: Israel Helps Dogs

Eli K

Core Values Weeks for the Israel Data Team continued with a visit to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to work on our sense of humility.  The SPCA was founded in 1927 and is the leading animal welfare organization in Israel.  When we visited the Tel Aviv branch to play with the dogs, we also saw cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even chickens recuperating at the shelter.  The faces of the residents have changed over the years, though.  When the SPCA was founded, most of its residents weren’t miniature Pinschers or Pekinese, but horses, donkeys, and camels.  A little different than the typical shelter in the U.S.


When we arrived at the SPCA, we were given an overview of the organization’s mission and taught how to properly hold the leashes when handling the dogs.  We were each paired up with a dog and then given free time to exercise and play with them in the shelter’s open yard.  Some of us formed instant bonds with our dogs (others less so), but it was clear that all of the dogs were happy to be out and about.


The day wasn’t only rejuvenating for the dogs, but for us, too.  It was an easy and enjoyable way to give back and work on being humble.  Definitely a win-win for all, four-legged or not.


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The Core Values of the company are something we use to guide our actions and decisions since the founding of the company.  Taking the time to focus on them individually allows us to come back into the workplace more focused and ready to take on any challenges that come our way.  Check out the results at  If you need any plumbing, heating, or HVAC products we are the place to go.


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