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Core Values Weeks ’18: New York Races to the Finish

Nick B

Every year all branches of celebrate our Core Values with a multi-week long series of activities.  The New York office took on six weeks of activities that culminated in a final celebration of the company and the people that make up it.


The Activities

Department Swap and Yoga

For Flexibility and Open-Mindedness we all got to experience what someone else does at work.  Sitting in with each other, we explained what our specific responsibilities are and showed what it is like to do our jobs to people who do something completely different.  And for Yoga, we did yoga.  Not much explanation needed there.


Skill Shares

We’ve got a whole bunch of people with a whole bunch of skills.  Tapping into that for Education, volunteers taught lessons on things they happen to know a bit about.  Class topics ranged from Mario Kart to Ketlebell Exercises.


Puzzle and Team Costume Contest

Exercising company-wide Teamwork we put together an office dog themed puzzle in a four day week.  On a bit smaller scale, each department came up with a themed costume and we all voted on our favorite.  (Winner got a free lunch (it ended up with a three way tie!))  Also that week we learned about Respect with a duo of guest speakers.


Innovative Projects

Taking on small projects that would improve our office, we stretched our Innovation skills.  In small teams we tackled projects like a pool cue stand made from black fittings and some necessities for a dog area in the office.  (For those aforementioned office dogs)



Putting our time back into the community we grew out of, we split into teams and helped out with various local organizations.  We cleaned up a soup kitchen, helped out at a nursing home, and assisted at a horse based therapy organization.


Team Contest

Wrapping up the weeks we divided into a handful of teams to compete against one another in skill based challenges.  From sudoku, to ping pong, to a race through an inflatable obstacle course, everyone was able to help get their team the most possible points.  This week ended with everyone outside enjoying the weather, eating frozen ices, and cheering on their team in the obstacle course finals.


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Our core values hold great importance to us at  They helped build our company and continue to guide us as we grow.  Taking the time to bring us all back to these values yearly keeps us on track with where we came from along with allowing us to have fun and come back to our work reinvigorated.  Stop by today and see how all this plays out to get you all your plumbing, heating, and HVAC products when you want them at the prices you want them for.


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