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Core Values Weeks ’18: New Jersey Tie-Dye Together


For Core Values weeks we celebrated positive attitude and perseverance with spirit week!  We tie-dyed, had twin day, superhero day and tropical day.


For teamwork and innovation we held Supply House Olympics with bowling (knocking down tall boxes with a huge kickball), an event where teams had to find one different fitting in a box of one hundred similar looking fittings, a packing challenge where teams had to pack a ton of boxes into a huge box, and a challenge where teams tossed empty tape rolls into a picking cart to earn points.  It was an incredibly close match, but the Blue team took the gold.


We had a drum circle for flexibility!  It was an amazing experience, you could hear the drums through the whole warehouse!


We had a speaker come talk to the team here about respect in the workplace for respect and open mindedness.


For education we did skill shares and learned so many new things from how going vegan can help our environment to kinetic origami!


We have plans for giving back that we had put on hold to keep up with customer orders and our crazy growth, so that week will come in the future!


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Our core values hold great importance to us at  They helped build our company and continue to guide us as we grow.  Taking the time to bring us all back to these values yearly keeps us on track with where we came from along with allowing us to have fun and come back to our work reinvigorated.  Stop by today and see how all this plays out to get you all your plumbing, heating, and HVAC products when you want them at the prices you want them for.


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