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Check Webstone First for Any Valve Needs


The name Webstone is synonymous with valves. carries the full selection of Webstone valves for plumbing and heating applications. Standard ball valves can be purchased almost anywhere, but Webstone ball valves are available with features such as drains and T-handles. The T-Flow Ball feature on many drain valves allows handles to be reversed so that flow to the drain can come from either side of the valve.

Installing a tankless water heater? Webstone’s Isolator E-X-P tankless water heater service kits can be a great choice at a fraction of the price of similar kits sold by heater manufacturers. All kits include hot and cold drain valves for isolating a tankless water heater so that maintenance can be performed without draining the plumbing system. Most kits also include a pressure relief valve, and “Complete” kits also come with a gas ball valve and 3/4″ flexible gas connector. All Webstone items with a “W” suffix meet 2014 United States lead-free requirements.

Webstone is perhaps best known for their circulator pump flanges. Standard flanges work with almost all residential circulator pumps from any brand. Webstone flanges include shut-off valves to simplify circulator maintenance and replacement. Most flanges come with optional T-handles. Some models include a drain, and others include flow-check valves for preventing thermosiphoning to zones that do not need heat. Webstone’s Expansion Tank Pro Service Valve (part 41672) greatly simplifies hydronic heating installations. It links an expansion tank to an air eliminator and make-up water supply, while also providing drainage and isolation. 


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