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We are pleased to announce that now stocks a variety of heaters manufactured by Cadet, including Electric Baseboard, Garage Unit and Wall Heaters. Cadet is based in Vancouver, Washington, where every one of their electric baseboards, wall fans and utility heaters is built. Even with the weather heating up outside, you can be well-prepared for Fall and Winter with Cadet’s range of heaters.

The SoftHeat Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heaters’ innovative design contains environmentally-friendly fluid, which helps you to enjoy steady warmth for longer with minimal room temperature variations. They are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms and are suitable for anyone suffering with severe allergies. Take a look through our SoftHeat category here to find baseboard lengths suitable for your specific needs.

The F Series is Cadet’s most popular choice for bedrooms. It provides low-cost installation, quiet operation, and a practical design for easy placement throughout many rooms in your home. For consistent and reliable heat when you need it most, check out the category here.

The Com-Pak In-Wall Fan Heater will help during chilly weather, providing instant hear where and when you it the most.  You can find our Cadet Com-Pak selection amongst our Wall Heater category. Cadet also manufactures a heater specifically for areas that are difficult to heat such as a garage or shop. The Hot One can provide warmth for larger areas up to 400 square feet, and you can find the different options here.


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