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Better Baseboard Covers: Truth in the Name?


Existing hot water baseboard covers over time can fall victim to rust, scratches, and damage.  Exposed sharp metal edges can be a hazard to young children.  Replacing these covers can go a long way towards improving the appearance and performance of your existing baseboard radiators.

Better Baseboard Covers makes this update quick and easy.


Their replacement covers are made of highly durable recycled composite material that is moisture proof and scratch resistant.  In addition to classic White, these covers are available in 4 additional colors for room customization.

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The design of the covers allows for enhanced airflow through the covers with the top mounted grille, versus the front facing air grille found on most existing baseboard units.  This increased airflow leads to better heat transfer.

Each baseboard cover kit includes a front panel cover, a back panel strip, and the needed brackets depending on cover length.  The end caps are sold as sets as the layout of baseboards can vary depending on your installation.

For cover selection simply measure the length of the heating element, and then choose the cover set which most closely fits without ending shorter.

For runs longer than 8ft you can join two shorter baseboards together via a snap cap.

These covers are not approved for use with electric or steam radiators at this time.  Once installed cleaning the covers only requires use of a water damped cloth and a vacuum.  The easy on/off design makes cleaning the finned elements easy.

Swing by for more information.

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