Bathroom Surprise (Not the Bad Kind)

Nick B

There are plenty of plumbing related surprises out there.  People hide bathrooms behind inconspicuous doors, plumbers use “unique tricks” to finish jobs they got stuck on (see my DiWHY posts for examples of those), and children send random household items on underwater adventures down the toilet for you to find later.  Basically when it comes to plumbing, expect the unexpected. Reddit user Baitsch was living by this mentality when he entered a bathroom with an out of place section of wall.  What he found is better shown than told-


Looks like a normal bathroom, except why does this wall jut out like that?

What is with this access hatch?  What could someone need to access here?  Urinal cakes?

A secret urinal!  And no, this is not the long awaited sequel to the Johnny Depp classic.

Thanks to the investigative journalism of Baitsch we were able to discover what was behind that hatch but much like in the show Lost, solving that one mystery only created more questions, many of which will never be answered.  Is this a fully functioning urinal?  Did the plumber and wall guy get in a fight?  Why was the access panel put in?  Is this up to code?  For some reason during the construction of this building there was a decision to put this urinal behind walls.  As to why, your guess is as good as mine.  Let me know what you think could be the reason behind this in the comments below.

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