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Avoid a Gaping Hole in Your Wall With Karp Access Doors


Karp Access Door


Need to cut a hole in your wall for duct systems, but don’t want to leave a giant ugly hole showing for all of eternity? We don’t blame you.



Flush Access Door for Plastered Surfaces w/ Lock & Key (Steel)

A simple solution to these unattractive areas that will require future entry are Karp Access Doors, otherwise known as Access Panels. Entry is often required for many reasons, which includes duct cleaning, examining equipment, testing, repairing or even to troubleshoot system components. Basically just as the name eludes, access doors provide you with access to your systems and can also provide security, protecting your system from unqualified or prying hands.



Karp Access doors range in size and wall applications, but Karp doesn’t stop with walls, there are also Access panels that come straight out of the ceiling. You are able to choose from a wide variety of sizes and Karp goes as far as to provide you options according to what kind of wall material is used.

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