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AO Smith Voltex SHPT-50


Joining AO Smith’s range of high performance residential heat pump water heaters comes the new SHPT-50 Voltex Hybrid Electric 50-gallon model.  The SHPT-50 has increased energy efficiency to ensure there is available hot water at the lowest possible cost.  With an Energy Factor (EF) of 2.75, the annual cost is $170, $25 less than a leading competitor, and $350 less than a conventional electric model.  This model conserves energy and meets Energy Star qualifications, which can reduce water heating costs by up to 66%.  It also meets the Uniform Plumbing Code requirements for 3 bedroom/3 bath homes with a 67.5-gallon first hour rating.

The SHPT-50 is ideal for basements or garage installations. It works by absorbing ambient heat from the surrounding air to heat the water using a compressor and environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.  There is a self-contained heat pump that is integrated into the top of the tank, and choice of operating modes to maximize efficiency and performance, including Vacation mode, which can be programmed for up to 99 days. This reduces operating costs and provides freeze protection during extended absence.

The SHPT-50 also has a quiet operation of 51dBa compared with competitor’s level of 55dBA, and comes with an easy to use electronic interface.  It is SmartPort ready for connectivity to home management and utility smart grid applications, and has a 10 year tank and parts limited warranty.shpt-50-1

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