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American Louver: Upward Thinking

Rosie is now selling ceiling diffusers and grilles from American Louver Company, a manufacturer that uses quality building materials and aims for easy installation with minimal to no secondary accessories.  Some characteristics of their products include sealed corner seams, countersunk mounting holes, and smooth, even finishes.


Unlike other diffusers and grilles, American Louver’s Stratus products are constructed from specially engineered polymers instead of metal – which means they are mildew resistant, flame resistant, dishwasher safe, antistatic, (50%) lighter, and most importantly – unrustable!  Plus, they are an easy switch – they come in standard duct and damper sizes, they are indistinguishable from metal once installed.  The stratus grille has a hinged grille face that drops down to allow quick filter change and easy removal for cleaning.


The Sight-Guard grille is another high-quality product from American Louver.  Made from aluminum, it has 92% free area, the same as traditional eggcrate grilles, but it blocks the view of unattractive objects inside the walls and ceiling.  Additionally, it is secured into a “frame channel,” preventing any rattling and vibration.  The best part – it is an all-in-one deal – no secondary accessories required, which will save time and money.  This product was recently installed in Dallas Fort-Worth Airport to obstruct all the unsightly wiring in the ceiling from travelers and still provide maximum air flow.


Be sure to check out the variety of products from American Louver that is now selling.  For air flow in your walls and ceilings, things are looking up.


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