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Free Apps for Contractors and Tradesmen That We Suggest


We know you are busy, and probably don’t have the time to search on your phone for the latest and greatest smartphone apps. That’s where we come in. There is a wealth of technology and free apps for contractors and … Continue reading

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The Largest Item We’ve Ever Shipped: an AO Smith Commercial Storage Tank


We’re tough… We’ve got this. It’s only a 500 Gallon AO Smith Commercial Storage Tank. Everyone is using elbow grease… and gawking. and feeling extremely proud to carry such an awe-inspiring commercial storage tank. so proud some of us felt … Continue reading

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5 Reasons How A Wi-Fi Thermostat Will Change Your Life


1. Do you complain that it’s too hot to sleep, but don’t want to get out of bed? Never an issue with a wireless thermostat. 2. Do you work an unpredictable schedule? The Wi-Fi thermostat understands, and wants to help. … Continue reading

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New Residential Water Heating Guidelines In 2015


A new standard for residential water heaters is set to take effect on April 16, 2015. This new standard is expected to conserve 3.3 quads of energy and result in $63 billion in energy savings between 2015 and 2044. What … Continue reading

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Here at SupplyHouse.com, we sell 8 AquaMotion pumps available in cast iron and stainless steel models, featuring the Green ECO-Cartridge design. The innovative design is incredibly efficient and will consume much less power in comparison with the market leader. AquaMotion … Continue reading

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All PEX tubing carries one of three grades: PEX-A, PEX-B, or PEX-C. PEX stands for polyethylene (PE) cross-linked (X), and the grades are based on the various methods that manufacturers use to cross-link polyethylene molecules. PEX-A represents the highest grade. … Continue reading

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IW25-1 In-Wall Dehumidifiers


New to SupplyHouse.com is the award winning IW25-1 In-Wall Dehumidifier manufactured by Innovative Dehumidifiers. It’s designed with the user in mind with its lock out control system, making it ideal for landlords to keep control away from tenants and other … Continue reading

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Sizing a Gas Regulator


Gas regulators control the flow of natural gas (NG) and liquid propane (LP) to appliances and equipment that use them as fuel. The pressure of incoming gas is often unstable and excessively high. Regulators ensure that sufficiently-low constant pressure is … Continue reading

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How to Size a Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters only heat water on demand, eliminating the standby losses associated with traditional tank-style water heaters. A Tankless water heater can provide hot water indefinitely – as long as demand does not exceed the heater’s flow capacity. There … Continue reading

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PVC Fittings


At SupplyHouse.com we have added two new types of PVC Fittings manufactured by Spears. PVC Barbed Insert Fittings are engineered to provide positive grip and ease during installation. The barbed fittings are ideal for when a tightly gripped seal is … Continue reading

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