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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month At SupplyHouse.com


To show our support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our team wore pink on Friday! Some of us worked in pink wigs & Converse shoes, and there was a pink crumb cake and temporary tattoos…

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8 Reasons Why Halloween Is A Great Holiday For Plumbers


It’s the only day crazy looking homeowners are actually just wearing a costume. Your kid (or nephew/little bro)loves you so much he dresses up as you… So does your dog… And your GF/ wife… On really great Halloweens through the … Continue reading

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This Husband and Wife Cried Because of Their New Baseboarders – All On Camera.


When SupplyHouse.com Home Makeover renovated the Johnson’s game room, this is the last thing we expected to happen…

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SupplyHouse.com Lives A Day Without Shoes


Today, 10.10.14, we made the choice to work without our shoes. Why? To support Barefoot4them, an effort to raise awareness for those who have been affected by wearing inadequate footwear. Want to join the movement? Take off your shoes! You … Continue reading

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WhisperGreen Select Bathroom Fans: They’re Customizable!


If you, or the homeowner you are working with are searching for the perfect fan to fit special needs and air flow requirements, we think we’ve found it. The WhisperGreen Select bathroom fans have a fully customizable vent fan for … Continue reading

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3 Free Android Apps for Contractors and Tradesmen We Suggest


Last week we shared 3 awesome & free apps for the iPhone to make your job (and life!) easier. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you Android users! Below are some extremely useful apps on the Android for contractors and … Continue reading

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