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AirTec Air Diffusers


New to, AirTec air diffusers. AirTec from Rectorseal is a leading manufacturer of HVAC specialty products for minisplit and central air conditioning systems. AirTec is widely known in the HVAC industry for its line of uniquely designed air diffusers.

An air diffuser is an outlet for air distribution, and is usually located on the ceiling or the sidewall. They discharge the supply air in various directions, and are intended to mix the supplied air with the existing air in the room.

AirTec’s MV Classic air diffusers are strong, versatile and quiet. The one piece design eliminates the need for tedious mastic and external sealers, saving time and making installation simple. There are five grille patterns to choose from to allow optimum air flow for any room.  The stylish MV Retro design offers a simulated cast iron grille, and it has an authentic style handle which turns easily for full flow of airflow adjustment.

AirTec also offers limited clearance diffusers for side or top entry applications, and are perfect for when you find yourself in a tight squeeze. It utilizes the same construction as the MV diffusers just without the boot. We also sell AirTec’s TuffBox Register Boxes. Molded from polymers the adaptable one piece boot design of the TuffBox is flexible enough to conform to drywall backing eliminating leakage between the grille and the box.

You can find our range of Airtec Air Diffusers in our Sidewall/Ceiling Registers and Grilles section containing hundreds of products designed for supplying heated or cooled air to the room via sidewall or ceiling mounted grilles.


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