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Advice from Dirty Jobs Star: Get into the Skilled Labor Trade


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The issue here is a much larger one, though. In this day and age, parents and educators—and society as a whole—is pushing a college education as the primary path that every student should take, regardless of his or her skill set. This “skills gap” is an ever increasing threat for companies and businesses that rely on a labor force whose numbers are dwindling.


One study showed that only a mere 9% of students are pursuing the skilled labor trade. With student loan debt at an all-time high, for some it might not make sense for them to pursue a traditional college education.


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That’s where Dirty Jobs TV star Mike Rowe steps in. In 2008 he started mikeroweWORKS, a non-profit that helps connect students with a keen interest in the skilled trade with scholarships and job opportunities. The training and education required for skilled trades is significantly less than a typical college education; apprenticeships and trade schools are relatively inexpensive resources that are the staples in this industry. Plus, trade jobs like plumbers and electricians will always be in demand.


You can find more info about the mikeroweWORKS non-profit here:

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One Response to Advice from Dirty Jobs Star: Get into the Skilled Labor Trade

  1. John says:

    Thank God that someone like Mike Rowe who has name recognition has decided to shed light on this problem and oppurtunity. For far too long, too many Parents have been mortgaging their “OWN” futures to send kids off to College for ridiculous degrees. Only to have 35 year olds living in their basement smoking weed and playing video games. You wonder how I know that, well as an HVAC/R Technician and Iwner of my own Company. We are in those same basements getting paid whatever money the Parents have left. Imagine That?
    It has become part of the American Culture and Way of Life to try and keep up with the Jones’ Social Media has only made this worse. But the truth of the matter is that the Landscaper who services the Million Dollar house you live in. He/She drives are more expensive vehicle than your German (insert brand name here). That’s right, Ford/Chevy/Dodge 3500’s cost more than BMW/Audi/Mercedes. Might be a good idea to just let them believe they have it figured out.
    A Chief Engineer at a Property I service once told me, that Rich people are not really rich at all. “They are just broke on another level!”
    Keep turning wrenches my Friends, “we”keep this Country running. Dont ever forget that!

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