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Add a Steam Shower to Your Bathroom


steam shower, relaxation, relaxing, mr. steam,, shower, splurge, extravagant, holistic, healthy, healthier living, spa, dream home, renovationTaking a shower is nice. Taking a steam shower is nicer. Mr. Steam and now offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of steam showers from the comfort of their own homes.


Steam showers are the embodiment of a holistic approach to health, having been known to prevent and alleviate skin, respiratory, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal conditions. Steam opens nasal passages and skin pores, decreasing symptoms of allergies, viruses, asthma, and acne as a result. It also helps boost metabolism, increase blood circulation, and remove lactic acid build up in muscles. With their ability to soothe and relax, steam showers can also improve mental health – helping people fulfill their potential. is happy to sell products that will help our customers take initial steps toward turning their homes into home spas. The e-series steam bath generator can be connected to an already existing shower unit. Small in size and ecological in nature, the generator can be installed up to 60 feet away from the shower unit and uses only 2 gallons of water for a 20 minute steam shower. It is manufactured in the USA, and is made from recyclable materials. The generator comes with a steam head and temperature control, which allow for a continuous flow of steam at a customized temperature. It is a convenient and environmentally sound choice.


Check out the e-series steam bath generators and a variety of steam shower accessories at

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