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Honeywell is Making Radiant Heat More Accurate


honeywell, heating, radiant heat, radiant heating, ultrafin, concrete, pex, heated floor, warmth, bathroom, basement, mud room, radiant floor heating, underfloor heating, hydronic floor heating, comfort, heat, homeowner, tile, concrete, conductor, energy, temperature, renovation, warm floor, shower, plumbing, heating, hvac, plumber, winter, thermostat, slab sensor, honeywell t6The Honeywell T6 Pro Hydronic Programmable Thermostat with Slab/Floor Sensor isn’t exactly a new item from Honeywell. But, it is a new combination of items being offered by them. We’re excited about this, so I guess the obvious question is why? Well, read on and you’ll see!


First off, this unique combination of items isn’t for every home; you’d only be interested in this if you have radiant heat. What is radiant heat, you ask? Simply put, radiant heat is a method of heating your home in which there is piping or tubing installed in the floor. Hot water runs through this set-up, typically at a temperature of 120° F. Heat leaves the water and transfers to the objects in the room, resulting in an even blanket of warmth. This is widely considered the most comfortable way to heat your home. It also so happens to be the most expensive to install, too.


Now that you understand radiant heating a little more, it’s time to know why this item in particular is specific to radiant heat. The Slab Sensor is the key piece here, as it is used specifically to sense the temperature of the floor, not the temperature of the air in the radiantly-heated room. This is a key difference that sets the Honeywell Slab Sensor apart. While this isn’t required for radiant, it’s fairly crucial to getting an accurate reading of the temperature. In radiant heating, if your thermostat is sensing only the air temperature around it, it’s sensing a temperature that is lower than that of the floor where the heat comes from.


Essentially, it’s measuring the wrong temperature readings for what actually matters to your radiant heating system. The issue here, then, is that by the time the thermostat senses the temperature is at the right point, the floor has heated up maybe 4° or 5° F beyond what the thermostat is set to. But with a Slab or Floor sensor, this is no longer an issue; the thermostat stops sensing temperature and lets the sensor do this instead. Now the thermostat will shut off when the floor meets the temperature you’ve set, leading to higher accuracy in temperature readings, more comfort in your home, and lower heating costs.


If you’re having radiant heat installed in your home, you might want to look at the Honeywell T6 Pro Hydronic Programmable Thermostat w/ Slab/Floor Sensor. This product will ensure your home is comfortable and your heating costs are where they should be.

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