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SupplyHouse Olympics

Nick B

To celebrate the Summer Games our Ohio branch held the inaugural SupplyHouse Olympics over the course of several weeks.  Dividing into nine teams of four athletes, we created names and flags and took on five themed events.


Bin Toss: Similar to skee ball, each team tossed tape rolls into bins with different point values.  Highest total score was declared the victor.

Identify the Imposter Piece:  This time based event consisted of each team sorting through a bag of nine identical fittings and one slightly different fitting.  Their goal was to remove imposter and replace it with a proper part from the warehouse.

Large Box Pack: Working like a real world Tetris, the teams competed to pack a collection of smaller boxes into a single large box in the fastest time.

Pallet Jack Relay: Contestants attempted to navigate a pallet loaded with filter boxes through a course without letting anything fall off.  Fastest time won.

Bouncing Bowling: A cricket and bowling hybrid, this event involved throwing a kickball into 10 boxes, knocking over as many as possible.  The catch was that the kickball had to bounce at least once before making contact with its targets.




























After these events were completed and total points were tallied, one team stood above the rest- The Berry Pickers!


They were followed closely by Lt. Bleu and Team Fireballs with an impressive showing by all teams.















This was a great event that brought together both what SupplyHouse does for our customers and the work environment we want to cultivate.  Hopefully this comes around more often than every four years!


Here at we like to make every employee excited to come into work.  This is achieved through these kinds of activities and the work environment fostered by everyone from our management on down.  Learn more about our culture and who we are on our Our Team page (click here) and check out what the end result of all this is on (click here).


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