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How to Size a Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters only heat water on demand, eliminating the standby losses associated with traditional tank-style water heaters. A Tankless water heater can provide hot water indefinitely – as long as demand does not exceed the heater’s flow capacity. There … Continue reading

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PVC Fittings


At SupplyHouse.com we have added two new types of PVC Fittings manufactured by Spears. PVC Barbed Insert Fittings are engineered to provide positive grip and ease during installation. The barbed fittings are ideal for when a tightly gripped seal is … Continue reading

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Honeywell’s New Lyric Thermostat


A thermostat is nothing more than an on/off switch, activated automatically based on temperature settings, for a heating and/or cooling zone. Nevertheless, thermostats have evolved significantly over the years, including two relatively recent advances: programmability and internet connectivity. Honeywell’s new … Continue reading

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Art Cool Mini-Splits For Comfort—And Décor


Making a room cool doesn’t have to involve loosing a window. Today’s mini-split air conditioning units are the smart alternative to traditional window units, delivering comfort and decor all in one. Summer has arrived, and with the inexorable heat comes … Continue reading

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Watts Onix Tubing


Onix Tubing from Watts Radiant provides several key advantages in radiant heat installations. Onix tubing is composed of two layers of cross-linked Durel EPDM around an “AlumaShield” aluminum oxygen barrier. The AlumaShield adds durability and reduces the risk of worksite … Continue reading

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Push-Fit Options for DIYers


Push-fit fittings provide an easy way to make piping connections. No tools are needed, making the fittings ideal for small repairs and do-it-yourself jobs. Due to the relatively high cost of push-fit fittings, investing in proper tools/training generally makes more … Continue reading

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Cadet Heaters


We are pleased to announce that SupplyHouse.com now stocks a variety of heaters manufactured by Cadet, including Electric Baseboard, Garage Unit and Wall Heaters. Cadet is based in Vancouver, Washington, where every one of their electric baseboards, wall fans and … Continue reading

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Liberty’s SumpJet: The Ultimate Failsafe Sump Pump


Sump pumps remove excess water, generally from basement-level sump pits. Water levels tend to be at their highest during storms and periods of heavy rainfall — the times during which power outages are most likely to occur. Almost any sump … Continue reading

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Ideal Electrical Supplies


Here at SupplyHouse.com we have recently added the brand Ideal and a selection of their electrical tools and supplies. Ideal Industries is an American company that produces connectors, hand tools, testers, and meters for the electrical and telecommunications industries. It … Continue reading

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The New White Rodgers Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat


Due to their basic functionality, traditional low-voltage mercury or mechanical thermostats require no outside source of power. Digital thermostats need energy in order to power their displays, but batteries can generally serve as the power source in the absence of … Continue reading

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