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PEX Crimp vs. PEX Clamp


PEX crimp and PEX clamp connections use the same fittings, normally referred to as “crimp” or “barbed” PEX fittings. Each method requires a different tool and a different type of ring, but the styles are similar enough that PEX newcomers … Continue reading

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Gruvlok Grooved Fittings


Gruvlok Grooved Fittings have recently been added to SupplyHouse.com. You can find Grooved Elbows, Couplings, Tees, Flanges, Butterfly Valves, and more here.  Gruvlok Grooved Fittings by Anvil International, sets the industry standard for durability, efficiency and flexibility, and these fittings … Continue reading

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Axiom Pressure Pal System Feeders


Hot water heating systems generally operate on a closed loop (i.e. under pressure with the same fluid continually being reheated). This allows water in such systems to oxidize so that it cannot cause ferrous metal system components to corrode, but … Continue reading

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How To: Choose the Right Size Air Conditioner


Keeping cool this summer may be easier—and more affordable—than you imagined. The key to comfort is knowing what size air-conditioning unit will do the job effectively and efficiently. Temperatures are climbing. With the dog days of summer just around the … Continue reading

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Basic Baseboarders: A New Option for DIY Renovation


Baseboarders do-it-yourself baseboard heater covers changed the face of baseboard radiation. The original Premium design features covers filled with small perforations. This prevents small children from being able to touch hot elements, while allowing better airflow to and from a … Continue reading

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UEi Testing Instruments


New to SupplyHouse.com is a range of testing tools from UEi Test Instruments. Universal Enterprises, Inc (UEi) was founded in Beaverton, OR in 1967. They are a leading manufacturer of portable testing and measuring equipment in the HVAC industry. If … Continue reading

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How to Connect PEX to Faucets and Toilets


PEX tubing can simplify potable water plumbing installations, while providing added freeze resistance, hot/cold color coding, and a reduced risk of pinhole leaks. PEX’s flexibility reduces the need for fitting connections, which can greatly cut down on installation time. There … Continue reading

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