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10 Smart Appliances for your Smart Home


As we work our way through 2018 most of us have seen a major revolution.  There are smart products in, and around the home that have allowed us to get things done even quicker.  From items that help save you water to other things in the home, several of these products have become life-changers.  The following information will give you insight to several of these items that will help make 2018 your most productive year yet.


What Are Smart Appliances?

Before we begin, some of you may be curious about what smart appliances do.  According to Home Advisor, smart appliances refer to programmed equipment that run from a central system.  One of the benefits is that they are often tied to each other by the manufacturer.  So, when one of them breaks, you should get notified immediately.  For example, they can sense power surges, and problems with the water supply.  But, they can also tell you when it’s time for maintenance, and keep track of other items within your home.  All of this allows them to communicate with you in ways never thought of before.


Heating And Cooling

There are plenty of smart appliances available for your home.  For example, you can now heat or cool your home using new devices.  With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature to any number you want, and it will automatically warm up or cool down accordingly.



Even your sink can be smart, which can come in handy when you’re in a rush.  Just put your hand under the faucet, near the sensor, and the water will come out automatically.


Warm Your Water

Of course, if the water, itself, is too cold, you might think you have to stand there until it warms up.  However, with a smart water heater, the wait is over.  We all, eventually, consider replacing our water heater, or – at the very least having some maintenance done on it if it doesn’t work properly.  However, with a smart water heater, your problems are over.  Much like a programmable thermostat, a smart water heater allows you to adjust the hot and cold temperature for your water.  This ability will also prevent the need to go down to your basement as often just to check on it.  Just set the numbers, and you’re done.



If you’re looking for a fridge that can keep the food fresh on it’s own, HGTV also has you covered.  Replacing your old model with a smart refrigerator can save you at least $100 annually – and even more if your older model is from the 1970s or older.  It’s also a good idea to consider the size of your refrigerator to fit your own needs.



Washing dishes is a necessity, of course.  But, older dishwashers can use a lot of energy.  With a newer model will help you save it.  However, be mindful of the fact that they are rated by energy consumption – not by water output.  However, some models help you save energy, and water.  So, getting a smart dishwasher will help you save in multiple ways.


Washing Machines

Cleaning clothes can also be a necessary evil.  But, a smart washing machine that is less than 10-years-old will save you about $70 per year.  Front-loading washers use less energy than their top-loading counterparts.


Energy Monitoring Devices

With all the energy you’re either spending or saving, a monitoring device can keep track of all of it for you.  Connecting it to your circuit breaker, and downloading the app will allow you to see the different energy levels for each device.


 –Written by guest contributor, Uma Campbell–


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