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10-Day-Old Puppy SAVED from HVAC Vent

Nick B

Earlier this month in Aurora, Colorado a little, 10-day-old puppy was lost in an HVAC vent of his home.  Confused in the darkness of a vent in a world it had only just came into, this was not a good spot for him.  Having gotten himself into this situation during the middle of the night, he spent 5 hours stuck!  Thankfully the local police officers, fire rescue, and animal protection units were called and they were able to retrieve him safely, returning him to his mother.  It is unknown how he found himself in that situation, but I feel that we can chalk this up to some classic puppy mischief.  Let’s all take a moment to thank the heroes out there and make sure all of our vents are properly closed off.

Pictured: A Hero

So keep your HVAC systems in check and this won’t happen again.  For all of your HVAC, plumbing, and heating needs, there’s no better place than  Get everything you need delivered right to you and protect those puppies!  (Our products also work with non-puppy related projects)

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